Why Clients Hire John Hochfelder

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“John Hochfelder is the best of the best.”
“John is the best of the best. He is a very good lawyer. John fights for you. He is the first lawyer I would refer to friends. He’s honest and he talks to you. John explains everything. He makes you feel comfortable and helps you go through the whole process. I would certainly refer John to my friends.”

Josie Cantave
Arlington, Massachusetts

“I have been extremely pleased with John’s services.”
“John did an excellent job on my son’s case. He is very good at realistically assessing the value of a case and advising the client what is a reasonable and appropriate outcome. This is very important because people often do not realize the value of what they have. John is very good at moving a case along and getting a good result. I have been extremely pleased with his services. If I receive any personal injury litigation, I will certainly refer it to John.”

Steve Levin
Attorney at Law
New York City, New York

“John is a nice, honest guy and I like him very much.”
“John is outstanding! I didn’t want to accept the other side’s offer, so John fought for me. He is patient and did a good job for me. He’s a nice, honest guy and I like him very much.”

Joe Feinsilber
New City, New York

“John was like a friend to me — and he got me my settlement!”
“John really knows his work. He answered all my questions. John walked me through every-thing to make sure I understood what was going on and got me my settlement. What’s more, John wasn’t always business. He was more like a friend to me — and still is. Any questions I have, John’s always willing to give me advice at no charge. I definitely recommend John.”

Valerie Lunsford
Rock Tavern, New York

“John wasn’t only my son’s lawyer. He has done a lot for us.”
“John’s a great person. He is not an ambulance chaser. John is a caring person. He helped my son a lot. My son was in a car accident. He had lots of injuries, including internal bleeding. He was taken by helicopter to the hospital. That’s how I met John. John wasn’t only my son’s lawyer. He really cares about my son. John has done a lot for us. To this day, my son can call John anytime.”

Felicia Williams
Hudson, New York

“John is thorough, helpful and exceptionally good.”
“I was laid up in the hospital after my accident. After I got out of the hospital, I found out what John did and how much he did. John answered every question and helped my wife know who to get in touch with. He was very compassionate toward my wife. I’m pleased with the way everything went, very pleased. John is thorough, helpful and exceptionally good. John said he would handle the paperwork involved in my accident, including the medical coverage. He told my wife not to worry about it. If you have a problem, definitely get in touch with John. Just recently, something came up that I couldn’t remember about my accident. I called John and to show you how thorough he is, he called me back the same day with information from the file. John said there was no charge for this because it pertains to my case. I felt John was excellent and would definitely recommend him to friends. My wife feels the same way.”

Tom Occhiogrossi
Ossining, New York

3598“John did his best to make the process painless and helped us maintain our sanity.”
“John was wonderful with my daughter. Even though it was traumatic for her, he very much took care of her first and put our minds at ease about her role in the lawsuit process, when she had to go to court. John was really very gentle with her. He’s wonderful. John kept us abreast of what was going on. He explained things in easy terms, and took us through the traumatic process, helping us maintain our sanity. John did his best to make the process painless. He continued to be an advocate for us three years after the case settled. John doesn’t stop working when the lawsuit’s over. He’s wonderful.”

Connie Borho
Briarcliff Manor, New York

“John gets down to business. He did a wonderful job.”
“I fell and my injury required ankle surgery. John is very good. He gets down to business and does his thing very well. John did a wonderful job.”

Rita Gavriluk
Briarcliff Manor, New York

“John is one of New York State’s best personal injury trial lawyers.”
“John Hochfelder is well known in Westchester and Dutchess Counties as THE personal injury lawyer an injured person should try to get to represent him in a personal injury case. John has obtained some of the largest actual recoveries in these and surrounding counties. He’s also widely sought after in the Bronx. I trained John as an Emergency Medical Technician in one of John’s many civic and charitable ventures and he was one of my top students. John is one of New York State’s best personal injury trial lawyers.”

Scott Harding
Well-known Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Educator, and
Former Chief of Paramedic Services and Training at a
Westchester County police department