The Hochfelder Report


In The Hochfelder Report, John Hochfelder documents the dollar value of injuries as determined by jury verdicts and settlements in New York lawsuits. Each report includes key factors that increase or decrease the value of an injury claim, as well as highlights from recent New York court cases. John also explains different types of injuries, defines confusing medical terms and includes helpful illustrations.

Archived versions of The Hochfelder Report can be viewed below. If you are interested in reading more content like this, please visit the New York Injury Cases Blog, where John continues to track the latest injury cases in New York.

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Archives of The Hochfelder Report:

Neck Injuries

Back Injuries

Lower Leg Injuries

Upper Leg Injuries

Shoulder Injuries

Knee Injuries

Arm Fractures, Humerus

Lower Leg Fractures: Tibia and Fibula

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Published as an educational service by John Hochfelder.